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windblown.   I am blown away by this woman’s work…check it out. Advertisements

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Peace on Earth?

Raising three sons with a similar commitment to attachment style parenting, which means a lot of close physical touch through kangaroo carrying packs, extended breastfeeding, eye-contact, family beds, large extended circles of adults, close community bonding, homeschooling, unschooling…there is a lot to see in evidence. Continue reading

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Innovation at the dinner table?

This is a story of family and ideas…of a dad, Alan Kingstone,  who was researching how humans related to the eyes/faces of others….when his son suggested that by putting the eyes OFF the face, he could better judge if it … Continue reading

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Do you love Bucky as much as I love Bucky?

I attended my first American Institute of Architects (AIA) convention in 1976, the bicentennial year, set in Philadelphia.

The true highlight of the meeting was the opportunity to hear R. Buckminster Fuller speak.

His lecture was held in the historic Furness Building of the Philadelphia Fine Arts Academy (a work of art itself), full of patterning in the same way Bucky’s Geodesic Domes repeated a sense of order greater than itself.=== Continue reading

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Instructions? Or, winging-it….

There’s something renegade-like about choosing to forgo instructions, isn’t there? A secret pleasure that comes from winging it. (Admittedly, knowing the instructions are ‘there’ helps too.) Continue reading

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Israeli Invents Cardboard Bike!

Israeli Invents Cardboard Bike! Creativity counts!  It’s exciting when you see someone take a resource such as recycled corrugated cardboard and create bikes out of it.  Folding the board in a particular way gives it great strength and then a … Continue reading

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Engineering Infallability

In local issues related to new sewers, river restoration projects, road design, bridges and dams, we turn to the engineering consultants with that same unquestionable focus we used to bestow upon doctors. “Well, that’s what the engineer says”, becomes the standard answer when you challenge a civic decision, even when so-called common sense lights the warning lights. Continue reading

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Being Local…

Last night I attended a talk by economist Michael Shuman in Traverse City.  His latest book is Local Dollars, Local Sense:  How to Shift Your Money from Wall Street to Main Street and Achieve Real Prosperity.  (These are my notes … Continue reading

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The Natural Cottage Build – 2012

Cob wall defines a small garden for the strawbale and timberframe guesthouse.  The garden wall will eventually have a green growing roof to shed water.  You see the wood supports for that roof. Living small in a big way — … Continue reading

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Creating place on a small scale–

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As I write this I am sitting on a lovely covered porch perched over the Boardman River in Traverse City, Michigan.  It is my home of the  moment.  It’s actually a coffee shop/cafe called Morsels.  I recommend it for the … Continue reading

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