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Always new ideas to bubble up….Graphene*

…as creative beings, we will always invent and aspire our way out of problems. It’s just in our nature! Continue reading

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Turning a corner???

So I am musing on corners today– You turn a corner. You make a 90-degree turn. You head into the unknown, because you never exactly know what is around that corner after all! Continue reading

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Peace on Earth?

Raising three sons with a similar commitment to attachment style parenting, which means a lot of close physical touch through kangaroo carrying packs, extended breastfeeding, eye-contact, family beds, large extended circles of adults, close community bonding, homeschooling, unschooling…there is a lot to see in evidence. Continue reading

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Innovation at the dinner table?

This is a story of family and ideas…of a dad, Alan Kingstone, ¬†who was researching how humans related to the eyes/faces of others….when his son suggested that by putting the eyes OFF the face, he could better judge if it … Continue reading

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Getting stuck?

I came across this post by Katherine Sharpe of WIRED about a group of d-school students from Stanford that took their laser-cutters and 3-d printers on the road to visit elementary and middle schools. Initially their goals were to introduce … Continue reading

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The “Technium”

Just like plants like light, and tend to lean towards it….Does Technogy lean??? That’s really the issue here.

Biology, like technology, has tendencies. Complexity, increased diversity, specialization, mutual-ism, ubiquity and sentience just to start naming a few. Turns out even computer code evolves. Microsoft Office, ubiquitous as it is, evolved code within itself. Codes created other codes with tendencies to write other codes… Tendency is probably not the right word, but ‘who knew?’. Continue reading

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Cool Summers?

Here in Portland we’ve had a pretty cool summer. Cool in all ways! Besides the chilly evenings and great sleeping weather, there have been some terrific events going on. But first I want to share this photo collection posted by … Continue reading

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Creative License-Part One

This could come in handy, for me…for you? This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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