Enthusiasm = Energy, and endless resourcefulness ~

I recently attended the TEDx event in Traverse City. Say it fast:  tedxTC.  It was…ecstasy.  Great new ideas, great new people….  Here’s my ‘talk of the day’:

Steve Ritz of the Green Bronx Machine Project, NYC, NY.

Green Bronx Machine People

Watch this video and you will pick up the vibe…Steve Ritz talks about his Green-Bronx-Machine…his efforts to green up the Bronx:  feeding kids great healthy green food, training a work-force to build vertical green walls and green roofs.  His efforts are awesome and everyone should know about him.  Take a few and see him here…. It is SO worth it.


Steve’s enthusiasm is contagious.  It makes everyone feel more empowered and capable.  You start looking around yourself to see ‘what can I do’ to make it a better place.  To make children shine, to make the world more sustainable.

One example from Wikipedia

I really want to see his green growing vertical walls — everywhere!

This goes back to an earlier post I had about innovation.  The point is always – how do we innovate around us to create the world we want to inhabit?  How creative are we?  How much MORE can we create?  Lots more —

My favorite point, Steve Ritz asks:

“Is the glass half empty, or half full?”

(Well, I am proud to say, I knew the answer….)

ENTIRELY FULL.   (Count the air.)



For more info on the TC TEDx events and plans for next year – http://tedxtraversecity.com/    See you there!


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