2012 – The end of the world?

I sit observing a mother and child scene at the coffee shop…

She is fully engaged with her ‘smart’-phone with an occasional nod to her daughter’s lego fabrications. Years ago, that would have been me.  Except coffee houses didn’t really exist in the 1980’s (isn’t that hard to imagine?) and I would have had a newspaper in my lap. My children scrambled up to look at the comics and learned current events at my knee.

It occurs to me that this may be the year that the printed word ENDS for all intents and purposes. Centuries from now when killer solar storms have fried our electronic devises (which by then will be implanted in our skin), civilization will be lost…. and looking for a date to hold responsible, historians may log it as December 2012.  The Mayans may have stopped writing calendars up to this date, and we may stop reading printed paper from this date very, very soon.

Is that my inner-Luddite showing? Sorry. I just saw the film Cloud Atlas in which modern civilization falls to a dark time of barbarism. We see a picture of life a few centuries hence.  Some of the technology seems pretty far-out.  But looking at the advances in our electronic life just in the last decade, such tech-advances seems pretty feasible—eventually:

Human cloning, and new human rights issues related to the clone’s place in the world.

Technical Augmentation – (Think

Startrek’s Hollo-deck).

Implanted com-devices.  See Hallie’s implants below:

Galactic rescue flares.

Trans-planet transport (with or without bodies).

Anti-gravity cycles and transport vans.

Self-generating emergency rescue walkways…and a lot of future visioning.

Alongside these advances depicted, we also see true regression towards brutality and cannibalism when society falls.  From a time when sea-going schooners were fast and fleet, to seeing out from the stars, humanity always balances between good and evil.  The choices remain.

Societies DO fall.  So, getting back to my first point:  My stash of books may be the most meaningful gift to the far future….Should we be burying books as well as seeds?


Watch the extended trailer here:  http://synergytvnetwork.com/cloud-atlas-extended/

See also:  http://www.examiner.com/article/cloud-atlas-movie-and-augmented-reality 

(ps.  Having recently lost access to Facebook via some screwy password issues, I know how much I’ve lost in human contact due to that one measly failure.  Imagine a dependency on technology to the point of true isolation? Heaven forbid!)

Published by Alexis Wittman

Artist, Designer, Writer, Facilitator living in Northern Michigan Architectural Engineer/Designer owner of Architectural Research + Design.

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