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Do you love Bucky as much as I love Bucky?

I attended my first American Institute of Architects (AIA) convention in 1976, the bicentennial year, set in Philadelphia.

The true highlight of the meeting was the opportunity to hear R. Buckminster Fuller speak.

His lecture was held in the historic Furness Building of the Philadelphia Fine Arts Academy (a work of art itself), full of patterning in the same way Bucky’s Geodesic Domes repeated a sense of order greater than itself.=== Continue reading

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2012 – The end of the world?

It occurs to me that this may be the year that the printed word ENDS for all intents and purposes. Centuries from now when killer solar storms have fried our electronic devises (which by then will be implanted in our skin), civilization will be lost…. and looking for a date to hold responsible, historians may log it as December 2012. The Mayans may have stopped writing calendars up to this date, and we may stop reading printed paper from this date very, very soon. Continue reading

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Getting stuck?

I came across this post by Katherine Sharpe of WIRED about a group of d-school students from Stanford that took their laser-cutters and 3-d printers on the road to visit elementary and middle schools. Initially their goals were to introduce … Continue reading

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Instructions? Or, winging-it….

There’s something renegade-like about choosing to forgo instructions, isn’t there? A secret pleasure that comes from winging it. (Admittedly, knowing the instructions are ‘there’ helps too.) Continue reading

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